Tropics Day Spa

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Vertical Tanning

Our modern, upright and fast tanning tower is there to help you fight the rainy day blues. Not only can it top up your tan, it can make a real difference to people who suffer with skin conditions such as psoriasis.

The following rules are there to care for you:

• You will be asked to complete a medical card on your first visit. This is to ensure your skin is cared for in the right way and that any conditions you have, or medications you may be taking, have been cleared by your doctor for tanning safety. (If in doubt always ask your doctor before booking a tanning appointment).

• Please read the safety instructions provided on the wall by the tanning unit.

• We sell a maximum of 12 minutes in any one session. Remember that it is a powerful unit. You do not require huge amounts of exposure.

• Goggles are provided to protect your eyes from UV damage.

• Please remove all make up before you tan. (Complimentary make up remover and post tanning moisturisers are provided).

• Do not use outdoor tanning products!

• Sun beds do not protect you from natural sunlight damage as much a you might think, so take care! Skin is an important organ. Tanning carries with it well publicised risks but, used responsibly, can enhance life too!


• 3 Minutes..... £2
• 6 Minutes..... £3
• 9 Minutes..... £4.50
• 12 Minutes... £6

We have a variety of tanning accelerators available for sale at reception.